Foreign Authors


Foreign Writers

MakeDoStudios will feature work by foreign writers in China or elsewhere who take China as a theme.

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Make Do Studios : New Writing from China

Andrew Guthrie

Andrew Guthrie lived most of his life on the east coast of the USA where he precariously split his time between occupation and advocation, between washing dishes, painting walls, and framing art, on the one hand, and making art, writing poetry, and organizing art exhibitions and performances, on the other. He was awarded a Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant for photography in 2003 and was exhibited at The Boston Institute for Contemporary Art in 1996. He also ran the alternative art gallery 88 Room in Allston, Massachusetts for ten years, mounting sporadic, eclectic and conceptually oriented exhibitions. He moved to Hong Kong in 2004 due to various stable opportunities and unknown possibilities, and has since been teaching English, photography and art history. He and Katrien Jacobs received a Hong Kong Arts Development grant in 2005 for the lecture/performance/exhibition series Hong Kong Sexxchange Salon He has, thus far, primarily focused on visual mediums, but has always been writing, sometimes seeing it as the purest and most direct art form, at other times being flummoxed by its insatiable intricacies. He is currently organizing (and welcomes submissions) for a show about Pop Music at Kapok store/gallery in Hong Kong, scheduled for April 2007.


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