An Ni Bao Bei

Anni Baobei started to publish fiction online in 1998, and her subject matter generally turns around characters detached from life in big industrialised cities. Before establishing herself in her chosen vocation, Anni Baobei held a number of jobs including for an advertising company, an Internet company, a publishing house, and a magazine. She currently lives in Beijing and works full time on her writing, in addition to a magazine column.


Anni's writing addresses those living on the margins of the crowd.  Her fiction is celebrated for its individualistic, romantic, artistic and individualistic characteristics, which prompt love among her large and loyal Chinese fanbase. Her readers includes students, and blue and white collar workers of every age. The author's works have been published or anthologised in Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. She likes independent travel, film, reading, music and clothes, is a vegetarian, and likes all kinds of fresh flowers.